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08 July 2015

I woke around 8:30am so much for getting up early. It was still raining outside. I pulled back my sleeping bag and looked at my stomach. It was thin, really thin. My hips and ribs showing promenantly through my skin. I was eating well but still below...

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Ahoy there!

07 July 2015

Although i only had a little over 300 miles to go and was eager to finish, i dreaded it. I'd have no money left and nowhere to stay. I'd have to start living a normal life again but i was nowhere near ready for that. I had no real plans other than to...

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Changing weather

04 July 2015

4th July day 485 Considering the nights festivities i woke surprisingly early. It was sunny outside and there was barely a breeze. I got my tent which had been drying out over night hung on carls washing line and packed my gear into my rucksack. ...

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Paddleboard the Nile

The challenge is to paddleboard the longest and most dangerous river in the world, the River Nile, all 4265 miles, from its furthest source in the Nyungwe rainforest in Rwanda, through Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and finish at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. Live tracking will be made available online, along with updates using satellite technology. It will be an extreme interactive educational adventure, bringing awareness of other cultures, our effect on nature, and, the determination of man. It should take between 7 and 9 months. Experience has taught me, however, that such expeditions can throw you a curveball at any moment!

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Day 11 15th September

Getting an early start i got the coffee on and decided to make up some breakfast having fasted for 24 hours.

It was still dark as i made my preparations for a quick get away and to hit the road before the sun ...

Not feeling too good :(

Day 10 14th September

I woke around 4am, i wasn't feeling to good. My stomach churned so sitting up and rapidly unzipping my tent i darted forward and began wreching. Nothing but liquid projected from my mouth. Oh dear, maybe I'd eaten som...