From the Sewers to the Sea

05 June 2016

From the Sewers to the Sea

To prove that no matter where you are in Britain, you are never more then 75 miles from the coast (as the crow flies). I expect the actual journey to be more than 75 miles by foot.

This exercise will start beneath the city of Coventry! Yes BENEATH! From there I will paddle to the sea (74 miles as the crow flies, 90 miles by foot and lord knows how many miles by river. Final destination Severn Beach at the mouth of the Severn estuary, beneath the iconic Severn Bridge.

I have walked the coast, and still find the claim hard to believe. During the trek I was often told how lucky I was being at the beach everyday. 70 miles isn't a lot, so I am challenging everyone to go to their nearest stretch of coast. For some this will be easy, a few steps and they'll be on the beach, for others it will be more of an adventure, how will you get there? Will you walk, hike, ride a bike or take the car? How long will it take you? How far will you have to travel?

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