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The challenge is to paddleboard the longest and most dangerous river in the world, the River Nile, all 4265 miles, from its furthest source in the Nyungwe rainforest in Rwanda, through Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and finish at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. Live tracking will be made available online, along with updates using satellite technology. It will be an extreme interactive educational adventure, bringing awareness of other cultures, our effect on nature, and, the determination of man. It should take between 7 and 9 months. Experience has taught me, however, that such expeditions can throw you a curveball at any moment!

Quite frankly you’d have to be completely nuts to even consider a challenge like this, and that’s probably why no-one has done it yet!

I believe it is possible and the threats everyone appears to perceive are, in fact, merely based on their own fear of the unknown. Even Levison Wood, the explorer who walked the length of the Nile (well most of it) said, “I wouldn’t do it”, when I asked him for some advice. I had been hoping for something a little more constructive…..

Paddleboarding is a relatively new sport, although the concept dates back many years. It is also, I believe, the perfect means of travel through some fairly extreme conditions.

I will use technology to demonstrate how our view of adventure is changing. On my UK Coastal Trek I used a mobile phone to track my position and relay that information back to my website. I will be doing the same on this trip, except using satellites.

The 19th century search by Europeans for the source of the Nile was mainly focused on the White Nile, which disappeared into the depths of what was then known as 'Darkest Africa'. The White Nile's true source was not discovered until 2006, when the a group of explorers tracked the source of the Nile using modern GPS technology.

About 22% of the river Nile runs through Egypt. The river’s main tributaries, the White Nile and the Blue Nile, merge in Khartoum in the Sudan and eventually empty into the Mediterranean Sea.

The source of the Blue Nile is Lake Tana in north-western Ethiopia. The source of the White Nile is often considered to be near Jinja in Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria, main reservoir of the Nile and the largest tropical lake in the world.

The Nile is so long – 4250 miles – and its basins so huge (about 10% of Africa), the river may actually flow through as many as ten African nations – Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The main waterfall of the Blue Nile is known locally as Tis Isat (smoking water) in Ethiopia. The main waterfall of the White Nile is Murchison Falls in Uganda, where the Nile roars through a gap in the rocks, just 23-feet wide, then plunges 141 feet below to a swirling pool known as the Devil’s Cauldron. Murchison Falls is the most powerful natural flow of water anywhere on earth.

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